Can A Geothermal System Save You Money On Hot Water Heating?

Geothermal Water Heating

Everybody is familiar with that one person in the house who takes a half-hour power shower, hogging every available drop of hot water. You’re stuck waiting for the water to warm up while wondering how much your hot water bill will be this month. 

Domestic hot water use actually adds up to 17.7% of the average home’s electricity costs! That’s because water typically enters homes around 40°F, which your water heater needs to raise to a comfortable 125°F.

If you’ve wondered if there’s a cost-effective alternative, you’re in luck. Dandelion Geothermal systems can preheat your water while they heat and cool your home. 

How will a desuperheater reduce my hot water costs? 

Your primary water heater is filled with cold water (usually around 40°F) that has to heat up to a comfortable 125°F. 

In contrast, the desuperheater in your Dandelion Geothermal heat pump can use the existing heat in the system to warm water up to 8590°F to fill a 50-gallon preheat tank, which feeds into your primary water heater. Now supplied with pre-heated warm water, your primary water heater doesn’t have to work as hard (or as often) to reach 125°F.

Some homes see up to 50% gains in heating efficiency from their water heating system. Better still, the preheat tank itself requires no electricity, making it a much more energy efficient and cost-effective alternative. 

How will this affect the environment?

A desuperheater can help reduce your carbon footprint. Simply put, using the heat your Dandelion Geothermal system has already collected means your primary water heater uses less resources (e.g. electricity, natural gas, etc.) to heat your home’s water. Like the geothermal system, the desuperheater will provide a cleaner means for comfort by maximizing a preexisting energy source: your superheat!

How often does the desuperheater run?

This depends on two primary factors: how often your Dandelion Geothermal heat pump is running, and how much hot water your home consumes. By design, the desuperheater will operate whenever (1) the heat pump compressor is active and (2) the water temperature from the preheat tank is less than 125°F.

The water preheat system is most effective in the summer. When cooling your home, the desuperheater captures excess heat that is normally rejected into the ground and channels it to your water system. During the winter, the compressor first uses geothermal heat for your home, then uses any extra superheat available for the desuperheater. Generally speaking, the higher your hot water use and home’s heating/cooling needs, the more use you can get from your desuperheater. 

How much of my water does this system provide?

While it varies from home to home, a desuperheater can cover up to 30% of your home’s domestic hot water needs.

How do I start reducing my hot water costs and energy consumption with a Dandelion Geothermal system?

Find out if your home is pre-qualified for a Dandelion system  by taking our short quiz.

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