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The Average Hudson Valley Homeowner Saves $2,250 on Heating and Cooling Every Year With Geothermal

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Hudson Valley Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Dandelion Energy offers New York homeowners state of the art geothermal heating and cooling at an affordable price.

What is Dandelion Geothermal?

The Dandelion Energy home geothermal system replaces your home’s existing air conditioning and heating equipment with a powerful geothermal heat pump and a ground loop system that moves heat between the earth and your home.

In the winter, the ground loops move heat stored in the ground into your home. In the summer, the ground loops returns heat from your home to the ground.

Read more about how geothermal works.

Why Choose Dandelion?

Over 100 combined years of geothermal experience
The #1 geothermal installer in New York
Incubated at Google’s X Lab
HeatSmart preferred geothermal contractor for Westchester, Ulster, and Sullivan counties
Own the process:
We sell, install, and service our own product
See if your home qualifies

Eliminate Your Heating Bill Entirely

Payment plans starting at as little as $150 / month

Go geothermal with $0 money down

Take advantage of federal and state tax credits

Increase the equity of your home

See Why Homeowners Across The Hudson Valley Love Dandelion

“Each person I've been in contact with at Dandelion has been kind and attentive - their mission is clear at all times”

Carolyn M.
Columbia County

“Couldn't be happier. Kids loved the AC this summer. Something we've never had before.”

Stefan C.
Sullivan County

“Getting something much better for the environment, better for indoor air, and at a similar cost point to traditional HVAC equipment...It’s a no-brainer, economically speaking and for the planet.”

Michael D.
Westchester County

“We love the central humidification. Not having to fill humidifiers every couple of days is great.”

Sean D.
Dutchess County

“We will never run out of oil again, and we no longer need to call around getting prices on oil delivery.”

Matt V.
Albany County

New Yorkers Can Save Big With Geothermal State, Federal, and Utility Incentives

Federal Tax Credit
26% off the price of the system in 2021 & 2022, and 22% off the system price in 2023*
*For systems installed in the calendar year
NY State Incentive
$1,500 per ton for small systems*
$1,200 per ton for large systems**
*systems with 10 or fewer tons of capacity
**systems with 10 or more tons of capacity
ConEd Incentive
Up to $5,000 off
ConEd customers in Westchester can get up to $5,000 off their Dandelion Geothermal system
National Grid Incentive
$200 or $400 per ton
Total incentive amount not to exceed $1,500 Current natural Gas customers are not eligible
Central Hudson Incentive
$264 paid annually
Must enroll in CHGE’s Insights+ Program
Orange & Rockland Incentive
$2,000 bonus rebate
Orange & Rockland homeowners who install a geothermal heat pump are eligible for a $2,000 bonus rebate

Hudson Valley FAQs

“Upstate New York gets cold in the winter! Can a geothermal heat pump really keep my home warm?”

Absolutely. Geothermal heat pumps work well in cold winter climates. Just a few feet below the frost line, the ground maintains a constant temperature of about 55 degrees year round — even when the air outside is below freezing. Underground pipes, called ground loops, contain heat-conducting liquid that circulates below ground, absorbs the ground’s energy, and feeds it into the geothermal heat pump. Inside the heat pump, the heat energy is concentrated, converted from water to air, and sent to the duct system for distribution. How warm it gets depends on where you set your thermostat.

“I live in an old home. Is geothermal still an option for me?”

Yes! Dandelion specializes in retrofit geothermal installations and has served many older homes in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We do recommend, however, that homeowners in particularly “leaky” homes seal and well-insulate their home prior to installation. This step is not necessary for installing a geothermal system but is generally a good idea to consider when replacing any HVAC equipment in older homes.

“I live in the suburbs. Do you need acres of land to install geothermal?”

Dandelion installs vertical loop geothermal systems, meaning that depth is more important than surface area. How much piping is needed depends on the size of the house. Much like an air conditioning unit, the geothermal system must be sized correctly to ensure that it will do a sufficient job heating and cooling the space inside the home. Either way, there’s plenty of room to spread out below the earth’s surface!

Meet the Team

“The Hudson Valley is such a vibrant, forward thinking, and environmentally conscious part of NY. Hudson Valley homeowners are ready for geothermal -- a more modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option.”

Kathy Hannun

“People from Saratoga and all the way down to Westchester understand that converting to geothermal can help keep our Hudson Valley green for their children and grandchildren’s generation.”

Charles Hailer
Hudson Valley Community Manager

We Proudly Support Communities Across The Hudson Valley