Turnkey geothermal solutions for all-electric heating and cooling

What is Dandelion Geothermal?

Dandelion Energy's geothermal solutions replace existing air conditioning and heating equipment. Instead of fossil fuels, a Dandelion system uses a powerful heat pump to move heat between the earth and a home with a system of safe, underground pipes.
In the summer, a geothermal system extracts heat from the home and moves it into the ground.
In the winter, the geothermal moves heat stored in the ground into the home.

Why Geothermal for Heating & Cooling?

Premium HVAC Solution
With the lowest operating & maintenance costs, geothermal is 4x more efficient than traditional heating and 2x more efficient than air source heat pumps
Electrified Clean Energy
Geothermal has lower energy use and carbon emissions than any other HVAC on the market today and is the best way to future-proof buildings
Clean & Quiet Communities
No outdoor equipment to look at, listen to, or maintain; ground loops last as long as the house and heat pumps last twice as long as traditional equipment
Homeowner Demand
Higher fuel prices and natural gas moratoriums have led to increased consumer demand for energy-efficient, future-ready, safer, low-maintenance, carbon-neutral homes
Increases Home Value
Homes with geothermal have been shown to be worth 5% more compared to homes with traditional equipment
Competitive Incentives
Federal and local incentives specific to geothermal make it more cost-effective than ever to implement
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Why Choose Dandelion?

End-to-End Design & Engineering
Our expert team of designers and engineers have worked on more residential ground loops than anyone else in the country, ensuring accurate sizing and efficient cost-reductions
Proprietary Equipment Suite
We've custom-sourced equipment from across the globe to leverage the latest breakthroughs in drilling and heat pump technology
Best-in-Class Heat Pump
We've built a proprietary heat pump that rethinks heat exchange, leading to the best performance on the market today
Install Training, Support, & Ongoing Monitoring
Dandelion provides ongoing tools and resources post-install for a seamless handoff
Project Management
We partner with your existing HVAC providers; you get continuity of service combined with world-class geothermal expertise and products
Policy & Incentive Expertise
Our in-house team has worked deeply with state and federal regulators to maximize incentives
What our customers are doing for the environment
As of March 2024
Tons of CO2 emissions offset over 25 years
by Dandelion's systems

In the Press

“Through a combination of technology, data, and operations, Dandelion is making geothermal heating and cooling cost-effective for the residential market.”
“A super efficient, economical, all-electric home, it can be done.”
“Homeowners who rely on conventional heating, such as fuel oil or propane, stand to see the most savings from a geothermal system.”