“Dandelion was the most cost-effective geothermal installation.”

Large house in the woods

David Fenton replaced his heating and cooling equipment with two 5 ton Dandelion Geothermal heat pumps in 2019. Below, read David’s story:

“I always hated our oil based heat. I would look at the oil tank and feel terrible that I was heating the planet while heating my house.

I’ve been slowly decarbonizing my house, so I don’t contribute to more forest fires, stronger hurricanes, and flooding. We have solar electricity, solar hot water, super insulating windows, heavy insulation, and now geothermal.

Dandelion was the most cost effective geothermal installation I found after looking for some time. Their financing makes geothermal affordable, especially when coupled with the 30% federal tax credit and local rebates. I could also see they shared my goal of decarbonizing home heating and cooling.

For people thinking of replacing old heating and ac units or building new construction, Dandelion geothermal costs about the same and its operating costs are far lower than conventional systems.

The more of us who go geothermal and solar, the more others will. Why wait?

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