Does Dandelion Offer Any Geothermal System Warranties?

Dandelion Geothermal heat pump warranties

When you’re investing in your home, nothing is more important than quality. At Dandelion, we stand behind our geothermal products & services. We’re proud to offer industry-leading warranties on both our ground source heat pumps as well as the installation. 

What Types of Warranties Does Dandelion Geothermal Offer?

We provide two warranties:

  1. A 10-year product warranty on our ground source heat pump
  2. A 3-year workmanship warranty on our installation

10 Year Product Warranty

The 10-year limited parts warranty covers Dandelion heat pump components. 

For example, if the reversing valve fails within 10 years, Dandelion will replace it, without charging the customer for the part. If the reversing valve fails after 10 years, the homeowner will need to pay for the part replacement. Homeowners can reach out to their installation partner to receive and install a replacement part.

5 Year Labor Allowance Associated With The Product Warranty

Labor allowances are provided by Dandelion to the installing contractor rather than the homeowner to support the product warranty. Our industry-leading labor allowance applies as follows: if the Dandelion compressor fails within 5 years, the product warranty will cover 100% of the cost to replace the part; the labor allowance will, in most cases, cover the labor cost to complete the repair. 

There are some cases in which the labor allowance falls short of 100% of the cost, so additional costs to the customer may apply. If the compressor fails in year seven after installation, Dandelion will still replace the part at no cost to the customer or contractor, but the labor allowance to complete the repair will no longer be in effect, and additional costs may apply to the homeowner. 

These situations are rare; geothermal heat pumps are known to be very low-maintenance systems. In most cases, the Dandelion monitoring system will automatically sense a problem and alert the Dandelion team if maintenance is needed.

3 Year Workmanship Warranty

Dandelion customers receive an industry-leading 3-year workmanship warranty from the contractor that installs the system. This warranty will cover workmanship-related issues associated with the balance of the installation (beyond just the heat pump). 

Coverage under the workmanship warranty includes labor and materials outside of the heat-pump itself, such as installation, water piping, drilling, the electric water heater, and more.

Workmanship-related issues are typically identified very quickly after the completion of the installation. If a workmanship-related issue occurs after 3 years, homeowners can call their local installer to get the issue resolved, though additional costs may apply. 

We’ve Got Your Back

Using your warranty is as easy as giving us a call at 833-GEO-4ALL. If your geothermal system is not performing up to your satisfaction or needs repair, Dandelion will manage the claim on your behalf.

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