Demonstrate the value of your Dandelion Geothermal system with Pearl Certification.

With Pearl Certification, you can have confidence investing in your home with Dandelion Geothermal.

Dandelion Energy Home
Results show homes certified within the Elite Pearl Contractor Network see an average 5% premium when the time comes to refinance or sell.
Dandelion Energy Home
One of the most common questions homeowners have with green home improvement projects like Dandelion Geothermal is “Will it increase the value of my home?”

Thanks to our partnership, every Dandelion Homeowner receives a Pearl Certification Report highlighting the added value of a Dandelion Geothermal system. After installation, you will gain access to Pearl’s Green Door Web App that guides you through the process to document home improvements like Dandelion and get Pearl Certified.

Results show homes certified within the Elite Pearl Contractor Network see an average 5% premium when the time comes to refinance or sell.

What is Pearl Certification?
Pearl Certification is an independent third party that ensures your home’s upgrades are documented and certified so you can be sure your green home improvement projects are adding value.

As a qualified Pearl Contractor, Dandelion Energy has met stringent requirements including:
  • • Customer service
  • • Workmanship quality
  • • Installation expertise
  • • Technical training

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Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps
Efficient Cooling
40% more efficient than traditional air conditioning systems
Most Efficient Heating System Available
4X more efficient than heating with fuel oil, propane or natural gas
Low Operating Costs
Geothermal can reduce annual energy bills by 65%
Safer to Operate
No fumes, flames or potential leaks
Reduced Carbon Emissions
60-80% less than fossil fuel systems
Low Maintenance
No fuel deliveries, only filter changes
Improved Home Air Quality
No carbon monoxide or methane
Increased Home Value
Heat pumps increase value as much as 4-7%
Get started for $0 down
Act Now and Take Advantage of $1000s in Federal & Utility Incentives
Homeowners who install their system by 2032 will receive a 30% reduction on the cost of a geothermal system with Federal Tax Incentives. Local Utility companies offer $1000s more in additional rebates.
For more information on utility, state and federal incentives, click here.
Dandelion Makes It Easy to Upgrade to Geothermal
Step 1

Tell us about your home

Complete our 30 second survey to find out if your home pre-qualifies for a Dandelion Energy home geothermal system. A Customer Experience Specialist will reach out within 24 hours to ask you a few more questions about your home and, if your home qualifies, schedule a virtual consultation with an Energy Consultant.

Step 2

Virtually meet your energy consultant

If your home qualifies, an Energy Consultant will meet you virtually via a video conference or by telephone to answer your questions, discuss your heating and cooling usage, and calculate your potential savings.

Step 3

Virtual site survey

A trained geothermal system designer will walk you through the virtual site survey process. This helps us determine the best location, size, and design for your geothermal system.

Step 4

Install your new geothermal system

We’ll install your geothermal system in 3 stages: drilling and installing the underground loop, connecting the ground loop to your home, and installing the heat pump where your furnace used to sit. Each of these stages can take between 2 days and 2 weeks to complete depending on your local geography and project complexity. This is the only step in Dandelion's Process that can't be virtual. Read more about Dandelion's response to the COVID-19 outbreak here.

Step 5

Relax and enjoy your comfortable home!

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand new home geothermal system.

See Why Homeowners Across the Northeast Love Dandelion
“We will never run out of fuel oil again and we no longer need to call around to get prices on oil delivery.”
Matt V.
Albany County
“Our indoor air quality has improved tremendously. I am so grateful to not smell burning oil when the furnace starts up.”
Sean D.
Dutchess County
“Each person I've been in contact with at Dandelion has been kind and attentive - their mission is clear at all times.”
Carolyn M.
Columbia County
“It’s a no-brainer, economically speaking and for the planet.”
Michael D.
Westchester County
“Couldn't be happier. Kids loved the AC this summer. Something we've never had before.”
Stefan C.
Sullivan County
“What I love most about the system is that it is a steady heat. My parents even commented that the house feels warmer when they came to visit.”
Kristan A.
Saratoga County, NY
“We paid nothing upfront and paid less our first year than we paid each year for oil.”
Scott S.
Saratoga County, NY
Raise Your Home’s Value. Lower Your Annual Energy Costs.
Invest in a Geothermal Heat Pump Today.
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