What is NYSERDA?

NYSERDA is a public-benefit corporation of the New York state government that promotes renewable energy and reduced energy consumption for New York. NYSERDA collaborates with businesses, universities, public interest groups, nonprofits, and the New York state government entities to achieve its goals.

How does NYSERDA support renewable heating and cooling?

NYSERDA incentivizes New Yorkers to convert to renewable heating and cooling technologies through subsidized energy studies, rebates, and free screenings. NYSERDA also incentivizes companies to develop more efficient, affordable, and renewable energies through competitions and grants.

In particular, NYSERDA in partnership with NY’s electric utilities offers rebates on ground source heat pumps via the NYS Clean Heat Program, more information on that can be found here.

What is Dandelion’s relationship with NYSERDA?

Dandelion is a NYSERDA-approved GSHP designer and installer, which means that Dandelion’s New York customers qualify for NYSERDA incentives in addition to any federal and local utilities incentives that they already qualify for. Dandelion is also a graduate of NYSERDA’s clean energy incubator, ACRE, at the Urban Future Lab in New York City.

More recently in late November 2019, Dandelion won NYSERDA’s Next Generation HVAC Innovation Challenge for its highly innovative geothermal drilling technology. According to NYSERDA President and CEO Alicia Barton, “This new technology is a game-changer for the clean heating and cooling industry… We applaud forward-thinking companies such as Dandelion for bringing their cost-effective and innovative solutions to the marketplace, expanding consumer options and helping us reduce harmful emissions and stewarding the environment for generations to come.”