Single-Stage Heat Pump

What’s a single-stage heat pump?

A single-stage heat pump utilizes a single-stage compressor. It only has one setting — full blast. Once your desired temperature is reached, the unit will switch off. In other words, it’s all or nothing.

How efficient are single-stage heat pumps?

Single-stage heat pumps don’t have the ability to operate at lower, more efficient speeds, so they frequently shut on and off. These short but powerful run-times lead to less uniform temperature distribution throughout the home, more humidity, and a higher likelihood of hot and cold spots.

How much do single-stage heat pumps cost?

Single stage heat pumps are simple, which means they cost less to purchase and repair. However, they have higher operating costs than two-stage and variable-stage heat pumps due to the frequency with which they cycle on and off.

How do single-stage heat pumps compare with two-stage and variable-stage heat pumps?

Single-stage heat pumps have the simplest design, so they’re the most affordable, least likely to break, and easiest to repair. Their short run-times lead to poor temperature distribution, though, as well as higher humidity levels. They also have the lowest efficiency levels, so they use the most energy to operate.