Variable-Stage Heat Pump

What is a variable-stage heat pump?

A variable-stage heat pump utilizes a variable, or modulating, compressor. It can vary its levels of intensity incrementally. While single-stage heat pumps have 1 speed (full blast) and two-stage heat pumps have 2 speeds (high and low), variable-stage heat pumps have all but infinite speeds.

As a result, these units rarely shut off while maintaining a consistent temperature and excellent efficiency.

How efficient are variable-stage heat pumps?

Variable-stage heat pumps are significantly more efficient than single-stage heat pumps and marginally more efficient than two-stage heat pumps.

How much do variable-stage heat pumps cost?

Variable stage heat pumps cost more than either single or two-stage heat pumps and can experience higher repair costs due to their complexity and only average durability.

How do variable-stage heat pumps compare with two-stage and single-stage heat pumps?

Variable-stage heat pumps have a more complex design than either single-stage or two-stage heat pumps. As a result, they’re more expensive to buy, more likely to break, and more costly to repair. That said, they have excellent efficiency levels and therefore lower operating costs than both single-stage and two-stage heat pumps.