“We questioned if it truly worked.”

Courtney Lapayover and her husband Adam replaced their heating and cooling equipment with a 5 ton Dandelion Geothermal system in 2018. Below, read Courtney’s story:

“Our old heating and cooling system needed work. We couldn’t get the temperatures to regulate consistently throughout the house. Some rooms were colder or hotter. 

Dandelion stood out because it gave us an opportunity to permanently eliminate our costly oil bills that were quickly increasing every year and the foreseeable future. We were happy to invest in protecting our environment by lowering our bills and our emissions, especially since it meant no longer having large quantities of explosive material buried under our house. 

We questioned if it truly worked, and if it was actually sustainable. We knew that geothermal has already been established in California, and we spoke to people who live in geothermal homes on the east coast. They gave stellar recommendations.

There are already oil restrictions in our community, and we’ve seen price inflation due to demand. We believe that one day oil and gas will be lacking as a resource, so geothermal is a legitimate and wise investment

We are so happy that we no longer have to deal with tank and system maintenance, oil price changes, or worrying whether or not our tank is full enough to take us through the next snow storm and freeze.  We already knew we would be saving a lot in comparison to our oil costs, but what we didn’t account for was how our oil bills almost doubled before getting the system! Now, we’ve seen greater savings than we expected. “

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