Announcing Our Partnership with Accrue Savings

Save on Dandelion Geothermal with Accrue

Dandelion Energy Partners with Accrue Savings to Help Customers Save Up for Their Geothermal System

Mount Kisco, New York — November 8, 2022 — Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Accrue Savings, the merchant-embedded savings experience that rewards consumers for saving now and buying later.

Using Accrue Savings, customers can save in installments for the total cost of the installation, with Dandelion incentivizing saving throughout the process. Customers can also ask for contributions from friends and family to save up faster.

 “Our mission at Dandelion Energy is to liberate homes of fossil fuels. As homeowners become increasingly aware of the potential of geothermal energy, we need to offer them as many ways as possible to make it affordable.” said Vinay Sharma, Head of Marketing at Dandelion Energy. “We are pleased to offer our customers a savings-based option that allows them to pay for installation and to enjoy the benefits of a Dandelion Geothermal system..”

 69% of Americans believe it’s critical for the U.S. to prioritize development of alternative energy sources, and 80% of Americans believe that clean energy is as reliable or more reliable than traditional generation sources.

 “We’re proud to have the opportunity to partner with Dandelion Energy to offer their customers the opportunity to responsibly save for this outstanding sustainable energy service,” said Michael Hershfield, CEO and founder, Accrue Savings. “Accrue is dedicated to improving the financial health of our customers, and to supporting retailers who recognize that it is their responsibility to offer savings-based alternatives to their customers, and Dandelion is both a steward of their customers’ financial security and their healthy future.” 

About Accrue Savings: 

Accrue Savings is a savings experience that rewards customers for saving up for the things they want, love and dream to have without taking out short-term loans.With Accrue Savings, they’re able to save for anything from products to services to travel, on their own terms, while brands can reward them for doing it and offer a responsible purchasing option for consumers seeking to avoid debt. Using Accrue, brands have the opportunity to build customer affinity and directly reach consumers without relying on traditional advertising platforms’ diminishing returns.  

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 Accrue Savings is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.  

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