Does a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Impact Home Value?

Sign showing increase in property value

For many people, their house is their most valuable and valued asset. That’s why a home is more than just a building  – it’s where people live their lives, raise their families, and make their memories. It’s also an asset that owners expect to sell for a profit when they are ready to upgrade, downsize, or change locations. 

Making renovations and upgrades can enhance a home’s resale value by making it more attractive to potential buyers, differentiating it from similar offerings, or adding monetary value to a property.

This is especially true for green energy upgrades, including geothermal heating and cooling solutions. Geothermal leverages the ground’s constant temperature ten feet below the surface by using a heat pump and buried pipe stem to circulate warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer, freeing homeowners from costly, environmentally destructive systems reliant on natural gas, heating oil, or propane. 

As a result, when homeowners install Dandelion geothermal heating and cooling systems to their new or existing homes, they are increasing their home values through energy savings and resale opportunities. 

Geothermal Increases Home Values 

New builders or existing homeowners can create more valuable, sustainable homes by switching to geothermal. 

For starters, Dandelion geothermal heating and cooling systems help make homes energy independent by tapping into the endless warm and cool air below ground, so homeowners never have to buy fuel oil again. With the cost of heating and cooling expected to increase by 30 percent in 2022, energy independence becomes an instant value-add. 

As one geothermal customer explained, “The system has a great return on investment; it pays for itself. We’ve eliminated fuel oil costs, untimely deliveries, and oil smells. We also appreciate the cheap summer air conditioning bill.”

Installing a Dandelion heating and cooling system can also impact resale prices. One industry survey found that 82 percent of buyers report that they are willing to “pay more for a sustainable home over a traditional one.” 

For many buyers, eco-friendly enhancements are as important as aesthetic upgrades and modern amenities. Most importantly, they are willing to pay for these improvements. A National Association of Home Builders study found that if a home shows reduced energy costs of $1,000 annually, the average home buyer will be willing to pay an additional $8,728. More specifically, installing green energy solutions can increase a home’s resale price by up to $15,000

Quantify Additional Value With Pearl Certification 

Homeowners can demonstrate the value of their Dandelion Geothermal system with Pearl Certification. 

Pearl Certification is an independent third party that ensures your home’s upgrades are documented and certified so you can be sure your green home improvement projects are adding value. They measure key categories including the HVAC, building, appliances and renewable energy systems (geothermal, solar, EV chargers).

Pearl Certification uses a standardized methodology to rate the home’s performance and assign it a rating. This rating, with detailed documentation on the home’s performance, can be shown to lenders, appraisers, and future buyers to maximize home price when it’s time to refinance or sell.

According to Pearl Certifications analysis, homes certified within Pearl’s elite contractor network and marketed by a Pearl Partner real estate agent see an average 5.15% premium. 

As a qualified Pearl Contractor, Dandelion Energy has met stringent requirements, including: 

  • Customer service standards
  • Workmanship quality 
  • Installation expertise 
  • Technical training

Thanks to our partnership, every Dandelion Homeowner receives a Pearl Certification Report highlighting the added value of a Dandelion Geothermal system. After installation, you will gain access to Pearl’s Green Door Web App that guides you through the process to document home improvements like Dandelion and get Pearl Certified.

With geothermal heating and cooling, homeowners can raise their home’s value while lowering their annual energy costs. Click the button below to see if you qualify for a free, virtual geothermal consultation.