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The Drill Down
Get the dirt on geothermal education, stories and news

The 2019 Federal Geothermal Tax Credit: Your Questions Answered

Dandelion discusses the 2019 federal geothermal tax credit that offers 30% off the cost of a geothermal system. With this incentive, homeowners can save thousands of dollars on their installations while going energy independent.

Does Geothermal Heating Work In Cold Climates?

Dandelion breaks down how its geothermal system works in cold climates to deliver heat evenly throughout the home.

Top 5 Myths About Home Geothermal

Dandelion Energy addresses the top 5 myths about home geothermal, answering questions of - Can Geothermal be installed in an existing home? In a small yard? In cold climates? Does it require a lot of maintenance? Can I afford it?

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Your Questions Answered

Dandelion Energy answers your biggest questions about geothermal - How does geothermal work in cold climates? What's the difference between air source and ground source heat pumps? How efficient are geothermal heat pumps? How long do they last? Maintenance? Safety? Installation? What can I save by switching?

Everything you need to know about Westchester County’s natural gas moratorium

ConEd & Dandelion are offering customers in Westchester County up to $5,000 off Dandelion Geothermal heating and cooling.

Air-Source Heat Pumps Versus Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Dandelion looks at the efficiency of Air Source Heat Pumps ASHP versus Ground Source Heat Pumps GSHP through the home geothermal. Dandelion's system reduces carbon emissions sustainably.

Pairing Geothermal Plus Rooftop Solar for a Truly Renewable Home

Dandelion describes what's possible with a geothermal system - Solar plus Geothermal, a perfect sustainable pairing.

All You Need to Know About Home Geothermal Heating & Cooling

How exactly does home geothermal work? Dandelion Energy explains how their home geothermal system which includes a ground source heat pump, works.

Installer Profile: Lake Country Geothermal of Walworth, NY

Dandelion Energy profiles one of its parter installers, Lake Country Geothermal of Walworth, NY.

How Much Money Can You Save Switching to Geothermal in Buffalo, NY?

A member of our team looks into how much a homeowner in Buffalo could save by switching to Dandelion.

How Much Money Can You Save Switching to Geothermal in Geneva, NY?

If Danny switches to geothermal and pays in cash, we expect him to save 75 percent on his heating and cooling costs per year.

Becky Meier’s Path to Comfort and Savings

“I truly believe the planet is in trouble and I want to do as much as I can... to devoting my life in some sense to make sure our planet survives.”

Installer Profile: American Heating & Cooling of Poughkeepsie, NY

Dandelion plans to expand its network of geothermal installation partners across New York state and the Northeast, to help the company scale its capacity.

Meet Ryan & Doug, The Newest Members of the Dandelion Team

Earth-Powered Heating for Rhinebeck, NY

Checking in with our First Customers, Two Months after Installation

Becky Meier and Bob Connors sat down with Dandelion last week to show off their new system and talk about their experience so far.

How this New York Homeowner went Energy Independent in Five Years

For the family, installing renewable heating and air conditioning represents the last piece of the puzzle toward achieving energy independence.

Geothermal is a Political Statement for this New York Homeowner

"Climate’s really important, and we’re not going to get any action at the federal level now, so everyone who cares about this has to do more themselves.”

The Top Ten (and Worst Three) Energy-Efficient States in America

New York ranks #1 in auto energy efficiency, and #4 in home energy efficiency, according to a recent analysis of federal data by WalletHub.

The Sekhri Family’s Financial Case for Geothermal

Dandelion will likely save the family thousands of dollars over the life of the system.