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The Drill Down
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Three Reasons this Air National Guard Airman Chose Dandelion

Salisbury had a laundry list of other practical reasons for replacing his home’s conventional heating and air conditioning system.

Clifton Park Couple Turns 1850s-Era Farmhouse into Modern, Renewable Home

Paul and Joanne Coons had a vision of not only restoring the house to perfect condition, but making it one of the most energy efficient homes in America.

Jay Egg: New York Needs Geothermal to Achieve its 2030 Climate Goals

Geothermal expert Jay Egg this week kicked off his three-month tour of New York state with a packed, hourlong Q&A session in New Paltz.

Join Geothermal Expert Jay Egg at Renewable Energy Event in New Paltz Sept. 12

On Sept. 12, noted geothermal energy expert Jay Egg will be speaking at an event in New Paltz, NY about renewable heating and cooling systems.

Introducing “The Drill Down” – The Dandelion Blog

The Dandelion Blog has arrived! We’ll drill down (get it?) into what geothermal technology really does for the planet and people's wallets.

Why We Started Dandelion

Dandelion will offer geothermal heating and cooling systems to homeowners, starting in the northeastern United States.

Geothermal: How Does it Work?

Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat from one place to another. If you’ve ever used a freezer, you’ve seen a heat pump in action.

Can Solar Reduce My Heating Bills?

Savings from solar won’t help you reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills, unless you’re running an entirely electric HVAC system.

What’s the Difference Between Geothermal and Solar?

Geothermal and solar are highly compatible, and homeowners who want to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint (and energy bills) should install both.

Geothermal Around the World: Sweden

In the glittering Nordic nation of Sweden, one out of every fives homes uses geothermal for heating and cooling.

PRESS RELEASE: Dandelion and Hudson Solar Announce Partnership to Transition Homes to 100% Clean Energy

Today, Dandelion announced a partnership with Hudson Solar, the leading residential solar installer in the Hudson Valley and Capital Region.

PRESS RELEASE: New Startup Dandelion to Scale Home Geothermal Nationally

Dandelion offers homeowners the ability to pay nothing upfront and save significant amounts of money on heating and cooling by switching to geothermal.