New Construction Home built with Geothermal Energy Ground Source Heat PUmp

Build Your Dream Home With Dandelion Geothermal

Congratulations on your endeavor to build a new home. You have SO many big and small decisions to make – but one of the most important is how to condition your home. By choosing Dandelion Geothermal, you can be assured you will have the best performing, safest and most sustainable option to heat and cool your home for years to come.

What Dandelion will Provide

Here’s what Dandelion will provide for your new home project. Your architect and/or GC will also want to know all this information.

  • Full Geothermal System Design including Heat Load Calculations (Manual J)
  • Complete Geothermal Project Plan including preliminary duct design (Manual D), equipment location, borehole/trench location, and other project details
  • All Permitting requests and needs
  • All Drilling needs (we can drill before or after foundation is complete)
  • Trenching (including returning yard to rough grade condition)
  • Installing/commissioning the heat pump(s)
  • ecobee smart thermostat(s) (quantity depends on system design)
  • Customer Support including 10 year product warranty/3 year service warranty
  • Remote monitoring for the life of the system

What we need from you to get started

Before our teams can get started and provide you with a full project cost, plan and geothermal system design, here’s what we need from you first:

Building Plans and Site Plan  

1. Building plans that are scaled, dimensioned, and ready for permitting, including:

  1. Floor plans
  2. Elevations
  3. R-value for all insulation being installed in all areas of the home
  4. Identified installation locations of all windows/doors + dimensions
  5. Room heights

2. Site plan including:

  1. All above-ground and under-ground utilities (electric, gas, drainage, water, sewer/septic, fuel tanks and lines, dry wells, etc…)
  2. Property boundary
  3. House footprint within the property

3. Planned Zones for Each System (Dandelion designer will check if your preferred zones are possible and suggest alternatives if required.)


4. Preference on running line sets for split units on the exterior or interior of the house.

  1. If interior is preferred, a mechanical chase must be provided for each refrigerant lineset. (Dandelion requires a 3” straight vertical chase for each line set between the areas where the heat pump and air handler will be installed).
  2. If a chase is not possible, the line sets and wiring must be pre-installed by the customer within the walls while they are opened up. (lineset diameter and length restrictions provided by Dandelion).
  3. If neither interior option is possible, the line sets will be installed on the exterior of the home by Dandelion.

Additional information which is helpful – but not mandatory – for system design to be completed:


5. GCs contact information (cell & e-mail)


6. In addition to building plan details mentioned above, it would be helpful to also include:

  1. Cross Sections
  2. Preferred location for each heat pump and air handler (if installing a split system)
  3. Location of other equipment that will be installed in the mechanical room
  4. Location to drain condensate within 5’ of where the geothermal unit will be installed
  5. Window and Door schedule including:
    1. U Values
    2. SHGC values

7. In addition to site plan details mentioned above, it would be helpful to also include:

  1. Elevation contours
  2. Preferred geothermal drilling location

8. Location of ductwork conditioning each floor


9. Preferred thermostat location


10. Is HRV/ERV being installed? If so, what is the brand and model # being installed?


Dandelion will help you at every step of the way and we will work with you and your GC on the timetable you provide as best we can! Congratulations again on your new home project and we look forward to installing the most sustainable and efficient heating and cooling system.