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    Geothermal Pros & Cons: Is Geothermal Right For You?

    Dandelion geothermal goes through the pros and cons of geothermal.

    Environmental Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps

    For the average homeowner, changing how you heat your house is the single best way to reduce your carbon footprint.  In fact, making the switch to geothermal can reduce your home greenhouse gas emissions by […]

    Geothermal Power Plant Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the differences between geothermal power plants and geothermal heat pumps?  Even though geothermal power plants and geothermal heat pumps both derive energy from the earth’s heat, they differ greatly in function, size, and […]

    5 Ways That Geothermal Can Go Wrong, and How to Do It Right

    I’m Bryan Roberts — Sr. Energy Consultant. I joined Dandelion Geothermal as one of the first employees and have worked in clean energy and environmental planning for over a decade. Every year, my colleagues and […]

    Top 6 Advantages of Geothermal Energy

    Dandelion writes about the benefits of geothermal. These include reliability, its dual capacity for heating and cooling, affordability, safety, and friendliness to the environment.

    The Disadvantages of Geothermal

    Geothermal contractors typically like to talk about all the positive benefits of geothermal heating and cooling, but are there any drawbacks to it? The truth is, upgrading to geothermal has some incredible benefits, but it […]