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How Much Will You Spend On Heating Fuel During The Ownership Of Your Home?

Homeowners are spending tens of thousands to heat their home with heating oil, natural gas, and propane. We dig in to see exactly how much homeowners are spending on their annual home energy costs and what they can do to save.

Dandelion Energy Video Review From An Actual Homeowner

Homeowner Shawn G. recaps the Dandelion customer experience from sales to tax incentives, plus system design, drilling, and installation.

Harvesting the Earth’s Heat – Pique Action Micro-Documentary featuring Dandelion Energy

Pique Action is a new media company creating micro-documentaries on climate solutions. The company profiles revolutionary climate tech companies and their innovative founders, with the goal of telling stories that matter in order to affect […]

Dandelion Co-Founder Kathy Hannun │ The Renewable Energy System Right Below Your Feet

Dandelion Co-Founder Kathy Hannun takes us on a journey across the planet to emphasize the dangers of modern heating and offers a safer, planet-friendly alternative that taps into the geothermal energy right below our feet.

A Real Review from a Dandelion Homeowner

Homeowner Jason Anderson recaps the Dandelion Air installation process and talks about his first summer with a geothermal heating and cooling system.

How Will Installing a Home Geothermal System Impact Your Electric Bill?

The key to saving money on home heating and cooling is energy efficiency. Simply put, the more efficient your HVAC system is, the more bang you’ll get for your buck. You might be curious to […]

4 Ways To Maximize Your Geothermal System’s Efficiency

Winter is upon us, bringing snow, ice, and all the cold we could ever ask for. Love them or hate them, the freezing temperatures outside always make us appreciate the simple joy of being cozy […]